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What is actually covered in Manufacturer Warranties?

‌All vehicles come with a warranty period, although this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A car manufacturers warranty is offered for a handful of reasons but the major being to cover any form of repairs that may come up during an agreed number of years. Warranties serve as a good selling point for car because it helps the buyer feel a lessened level of risk and a heightened level of faith in the product’s quality.

How to Change Your Oil
‌Learning how to change your oil at home is an easy DIY task that will save you a trip to your local dealership or mechanic, as well as some dollars. And trust us, you’ll feel empowered and will get that extra pep in your step, after realizing you know how to operate and take care of your vehicle better.

How to Change a Tire

‌A flat tire can happen anytime, anywhere, and being able to change one is an essential skill for all drivers. Yes, even if you plan to have your cell phone with you always and even if you have your AAA card in your wallet, the occasion may still arise when you will be in a bind and on the spot to change a flat. It’s relatively easy – we promise! – and you’ll only need to keep a few items on hand in your car.